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Larijani Slams West's Control over UN Human Rights Rapporteuring

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TEHRAN, June 28 (ICANA) –General Director of Iran's High Council for Human Rights Mohammad Javad Larijani blasted the West's politically-tainted approach to human rights issues, and stressed that the UN human rights rapporteuring process should be saved from the western powers' control.
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 10:25:47 PM
Larijani Slams West's Control over UN Human Rights Rapporteuring

Speaking to "Tehran 20", a well known talk show in Iran's state-run TV, Larijani reminded a change in tone and contents of the new resolutions against Iran, and said, "The new accusations against Iran show that western countries have targeted the main principles of Islam."

"It is now very clear that the US and other western countries are all fighting against the Islamic principles which we cannot abandon," he said.

Larijani said resolutions and pressures against Iran are aimed at isolating Tehran internationally, "while they should know that we consider the United Nation and other international arenas as our home".

Noting the appointment of a special rapporteur on human rights on Iran, Larijani said, "We should pass a law at the UN human rights council on appointing a special rapporteur for all countries around the world."

"Iran is a supporter of human rights in the world. In the human rights issue, we will definitely have certain cooperation with the UN, but within logical frameworks and not as a tool against our country," said Larijani.

He then referred to notorious records of human rights violations by the US around the world and his allies in the region, and said, "The issue of human rights is just for those countries which are not favored by the US, so if you look at the US allies and friends, you see no records of human rights violation in their profile."

Criticizing the US as a country which attacked Iraq and Afghanistan and killed so many innocent people, Larijani said, "This country with its abundant shameful records of inhuman acts is the one who claims to be an advocate of human rights, but we have seen the Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prison and the killing of the children and woman in Iraq and Afghanistan."

He then recommended that the process of rapporteuring be saved from the hands of the western powers who try to use international mechanisms as political tools to pressure the independent countries.

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