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Larijani: Arrogant Powers Seeking to Fabricate Islamic Notions

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TEHRAN, July 9 (ICANA) – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on Saturday said arrogant powers are deeply fearful of the spread of Islamic thoughts in the world and are, thus, striving to change the nature Islam and the meaning of Islamic concepts.
Saturday, July 09, 2011 6:44:34 PM
Larijani: Arrogant Powers Seeking to Fabricate Islamic Notions

"They believe that Islam is moving rapidly and that they should harness it," Larijani said on Saturday, adding that arrogant powers fear the spread of Islam and believe that Islam and Islamic thoughts have spread beyond their perceived levels and boundaries.

"The western intellectuals believe that Islam has influenced the Islamic nations' social and political life and caused independence, honor and Jihadi thoughts in Islamic states," he added.

Larijani underlined that the western countries are seeking to control the spread of Islam through different plots and conspiracies, and mentioned that after the September 11 events they sought to change the nature of religion and religious notions and concepts.

A large number of world officials have blasted the western countries, specially the US, for increasing and intensifying their pressures on Muslims under the pretext of war on terrorism after September 11, 2001.

Since the 9-11 incident, Washington and its main allies have sought hard to misrepresent Islam through the fanatic practice and picture of fabricated Islamic notions staged by such CIA-created and CIA-backed terrorist groups as the Al-Qaeda.

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