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Election, Door to New Egypt

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TEHRAN, July 13 (ICANA) – Although many leaders of the Mubarak's regime have been punished by law, the Egyptian activists have called for a million man march in Egypt in response to an unequal treatment of prisoners.
Wednesday, July 13, 2011 8:43:49 PM
Election, Door to New Egypt

Press TV interviews Sameh Elatfy a member of Change for Egypt movement in Manchester on this issue.

Q: Would you say that the military rulers- as some of these protesters have been saying- are a part of the 'counter revolution,' or simply as Mr. Otaify was suggesting, the situation is complicated and it is really hard for them to both restore order, bring about justice, and deal with everything all at the same time?

Elatfy: I believe we have too much pressure inside Egypt as well as outside, they are facing a lot of problems. Under Mubarak Egypt has been a state of corruption. The Supreme Military Council is doing his best to solve the problems.

The main concern for the thousands of demonstrators in Tahrir is justice, and trial for twenty five police officers. They are not being held as of this moment, and this is a main concern.

The prime minister is giving a statement and has given promises and a time table for some movements, which is change of some ministries, and push forward of the trial for Mubarak, which is set up for August 3, criminal court in Cairo.

I think the Supreme Military Council, is doing his best and Egyptians need to be patient and specially young Egyptians in the streets need to be patient, because no revolution in the world can reach its goals in few weeks or months, you need time, especially in the economy state of Egypt at the moment .

So I think that the Supreme Military Council is doing his best to restore the revolution and meet all the goals and all the demands for young Egyptian people.

Q: I also like you to comment on what has gone wrong with the revolution. Was it because the people did not have a political agenda and now can the revolution still survive?

Elatfy: No, because the Egyptian revolution don't have a leader; we do not have a leader to restore command and make change in too many aspects.

With the Egyptians, from the first day of demonstrations, January 22, they have been demanding justice, freedom, and equality. I think that the Egyptians need to be concerned and consider new elections, which is the door to the new Egypt. The Supreme Military Council has no experience in running a country like Egypt in this state and with problems inherited from a dictator criminal like Hosni Mubarak.

I believe the Egyptian justice is the main concern. The young people need to be patient to do the election and find a new parliament.

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