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US Bigger Peace Threat than Iran: Poll

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TEHRAN, July 15 (ICANA) – A recent survey conducted in Germany has revealed that the people of the European country perceive the United States as a more serious threat to global peace than Iran.
Friday, July 15, 2011 12:10:41 PM
US Bigger Peace Threat than Iran: Poll

Results from the opinion poll carried out by the German social research and statistical analysis, Forsa, indicate that 45 percent of those surveyed believe that the US is a more serious threat to world peace than Iran.

Twenty-eight percent of the respondents deemed Iran a bigger threat than the US, with 27 percent unable to choose between the two.

The survey, which questioned 1,500 German adults on June 17-29, 2011, did not include other choices such as Israel, which analysts introduce as a better-known threat to peace in the world's public opinion.

The results of the Forsa study come at a time when the US, the only country to have ever used nuclear bombs against another nation, is attempting to put mounting international pressure on Iran to force the Islamic Republic to halt its peaceful nuclear program.

Meanwhile, a new poll released on Wednesday cast light on the dissatisfaction of a vast majority of the people in the Arab world with US President Barack Obama and his administration's policies in the Middle East.

The poll conducted by the Arab American Institute in the six Arab nations of Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) demonstrated that the Obama administration is viewed less favorably in much of the Arab world today than that of his predecessor George W. Bush during his last year in office.

Only 5 percent of Egyptians surveyed said they have a favorable opinion of the US and its president. The same figure was 10 percent in Jordan and 12 percent in the UAE.

The poll also found that 88 percent of Moroccans think that Obama has not met the expectations laid out in his 2009 “Cairo speech.”

Disappointment with the US was highest in Lebanon, where 99 percent of the respondents disapproved of Obama's policies. In Saudi Arabia, 77 percent of the respondents said they felt betrayed by the US.

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