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Tehran, Astana to Develop Cultural Cooperation

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TEHRAN, July 17 (ICANA) – Iranian and Kazak officials in a meeting underlined the expansion of cultural cooperation between the two countries and the implementation of joint cultural projects.
Sunday, July 17, 2011 2:15:34 PM
Tehran, Astana to Develop Cultural Cooperation

Kazakhstan has sought the cultural cooperation of Iran to renovate Abu Nasr Farabi's tomb in Damascus and establish a Farabilogy center.

Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Iran Bagdat Amreev met with the head of Iran's National library and Archives Organization Ishaq Salahi to hold talk about several common cultural projects between the two countries.

The sides agreed to conduct further research on Farabi's thoughts and works in order to provide more material for scholars working in this field in the Syrian capital city of Damascus.

Abu Nasr Farabi (870 - 950 CE) has contributed to science, philosophy, logic, sociology, medicine, mathematics and music. He has exercised great influence on science and knowledge for several centuries. The Iranian philosopher also stands out as an Encyclopaedist.

Amreev also suggested setting up a museum in the philosopher's name in Syria and requested Iran's help in establishing the center.

"There is no border for the scientists as their findings feed humanity, therefore we believe they don't belong to a particular place and cannot be restricted to political borders," Salahi stressed in the meeting.

"Iran has been the origin of many evolutions and these remaining books expertly bring together this background and technology, something that amazes me," stated Amreev after visiting the library.

He named Iran's national library the largest and most impressive library in the Islamic world.

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