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Chaos in Iraq Serves US Interests: MP

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TEHRAN, July 18 (ICANA) – Iraqi Members of Parliament have said that Saudi Arabia is funding terrorist groups within Iraq.
Monday, July 18, 2011 6:59:10 PM
Chaos in Iraq Serves US Interests: MP

Press TV has interviewed Omar Nashabi, a security analyst in Beirut, to discuss the issue with him.

Q: Iraqi MPs have been speaking about Riyadh funding terrorists and helping them enter Iraq. I would like to see how you are interpreting these allegations?

A: Well, I hope it would not stop there. I hope there would be a thorough investigation into this and that that there will be concrete evidence about such involvement, or else it would remain a political slogan.

So, this is a matter that would require an extensive investigation. I think there were some statements that are similar, in Lebanon, when there was some kind of Saudi intelligence involvement in some Lebanese affairs and Lebanese security issues. This was a matter of concern in the past, and of course it is of a greater importance in Iraq where the Iraqi people have been suffering from terrorism for such a long time. So, if any of the nations in the region are involved in this, I think there should be a thorough investigation.

However, let me just say that I think it's in the interest of the United States to increase tension between the major players in the region. So, it's in the interest of the Unites States to increase tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia. It is in the interest of the Unites States to continue in a state of chaos in Iraq and the rise of terrorism, because I think the Americans are not good at taking failures in this particular area.

Q: When we do talk about the recent development in region, especially in Bahrain, it does look like Saudi Arabia may be losing a major ally in Bahrain very soon. So, how do you think that is playing into Saudi Arabia's supposed role in Iraq? And do you think that Saudi Arabia is having a conflict of interest with the United States?

A: Yes, I agree to a certain extent, but I want to put it from a different angle. It would methodologically inadequate to actually talk about Saudi Arabia without considering the fact that it is the leading oil power and oil export in the world. So, I think one must look at things from this particular perspective. I think today there is a rise in the Chinese power all around the world, and I think the rising power of China, as a leading economic power in the world, is going to be very concrete in the coming years. And the leading country that actually exports oil to China is Saudi Arabia today, and I think that calls for different pressures to be put on Saudi Arabia. I think that should be seen from that angle too, not just the angles that have to do with regional politics.

Q: Speaking of the US's role in the region, what is the US role that Robert Gates is speaking about, saying that he wants to keep it?

A: I think it all goes back to the basic mission, the basic objective and that is the protection of Israel. The state of Israel needs to be protected against what is happening in the region, and there is the issue of oil in Saudi Arabia that is very essential, and therefore the tension must be very high and everything must be done to create more tension between the two powers in the region that is Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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