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Moussa: Egyptians Can't Live with Injustices

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TEHRAN, July 21 (ICANA) – Egypt's presidential hopeful and former secretary general of the Arab League says Egyptians will honor their treaties with other nations but are in favor of justice, including on the Palestinian issue.
Thursday, July 21, 2011 11:14:06 PM
Moussa: Egyptians Can't Live with Injustices

What follows is the text of Press TV's exclusive interview with Amr Moussa.

Q: You have said that you would address the huge gap between the expectation of the people who made this revolution happen and the reality on the ground. Why does this gap exist in the first place and how are you going to close it?

Moussa: It is only normal after revolutions to have some time of uncertainty, of different points of view, of aspirations in a big way and implementation in a lesser way. So I don't think that we are going through an exceptional period, although we are going through a tense period of course. But this, in my opinion, would not last. The government and the ruling council will have to bear in mind that there is a revolution and that the young people are very restless as to the pace of the movement but at the same time everybody, including the young people, will have to appreciate the seriousness of the situation, in particular the economic situation, and the security situation of the country.

People, at large, in the country have started to raise question marks, “Where are we going? What about services, what about our economy, what about the work, the production, tourism...?" All the uncertainty leads to a less productive promising economic situation.

So we have this challenge and this is the challenge. I hope it will not last for a long time and that by the end of the transitional period, which has been agreed to be only six months, the country will move towards establishing the political situation, building the country, the new form of the country, the second republic, in order for us to start working according to plans and we have time; there will be a president, a parliament, a constitution and the will starts to run.

Q: One highly controversial subject is the peace deal between Egypt and Israel. If you become president will you cancel that agreement?

Moussa: Why is it controversial? There is a treaty between Egypt and Israel, that is number one and there is a Palestinian question that has to be settled, that is number two. A combination of problems that involve other countries whose territories are occupied, like Syria and Lebanon, therefore, the situation requires a solid movement and work to establish peace.

There are question marks about the intentions of the Israeli policy as to agree to the establishment of the Palestinian state, a solution on Jerusalem (al-Quds), a solution on the refuges, a solution to the new state. That is why we have to move on, to procrastinate on those points, meaning to bring the situation back to a tension and disagreements.

I hope that Israel will cooperate in order to achieve not only peace but also stability in the region but the continuation of the status quo, as it is today, would lead to tension that will bring many Arab and international diplomacy into perhaps contradictory process in the region and the region will suffer.

Q: Latest polls show that most Egyptians are against Cairo's ties with Tel Aviv. Will your government, if you are elected, continue to have relations with Israel?

Moussa: The treaties will have to be respected, at the same time you have to understand why people are angry. Why are they angry? Because of the position taken by the Israel policy towards the Palestinian question, because of the siege around Gaza, the situation in Jerusalem. So the reasons for the anger of the people will have to be taken into consideration. You cannot have a policy contrary to what the people want. At the same time I do not think that people are in favor of war or of military confrontation, but they are in favor of justice and all of us, no exception, are in favor of justice. We cannot live with injustices and dealing unwisely with the Palestinian question. We don't accept that.

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