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Larijani in Meeting with Iraqi Oil Minister:

Iran Will Spare No Assistance in Establishment of Sustainable Democracy in Iraq

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, July 26 (ICANA) – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said Tuesday that the Iranian nation is hopeful that Iraq’s development trend would go forward speedily adding that the Iranian people and government do their best to support sustainable democracy and resolve economic problems of Iraq.
Wednesday, July 27, 2011 12:30:54 AM
Iran Will Spare No Assistance in Establishment of Sustainable Democracy in Iraq

Speaking in a meeting with Abdul Karim al-Luaibi, the visiting Iraqi oil minister, Larijani stressed that Iran will not spare any assistance to Iraq in that respect.

He added that Iran’s scientific and technological advances as well as its economic-industrial potentials are an important asset for growth and development of Iraq. 

Despite all the efforts made, there are huge potentials and capabilities in various grounds for expansion of mutual cooperation, he said.

Larijani expressed pleasure over the recent bilateral agreements and expressed hope that these agreements would become operational as soon as possible.

He also referred to joint investment in joint oil reserves and joint implementation of projects in the energy field among the most important grounds for expansion of ties between the two countries.

The Majlis speaker added that Iran’s technical-engineering companies are ready to start activities in various development, reconstruction and economic-industrial areas of Iraq and to help resolve the country’s problems.

In the meeting, Abdul Karim al-Luaibi expressed gratitude over Iran’s support for Iraq in the recent years and said the Islamic Republic has the necessary potentials and capabilities to help Iraq resolve its problems.

He said ties between the two nations go beyond neighborhood and are based on common religious beliefs and age-old historical background.

The Iraqi oil minister referred to signing of joint agreement on construction of pipeline from Assaluyeh to Syria via Iraq and said this strategic agreement can mark an important development in energy dealings of the region.

He also considered presence in Iraq of Iranian technical-engineering companies in renovations field as very effective and said important steps have been taken to carry out joint economic-industrial projects in Iraq.

The minister was referring to the biggest gas deal in the Middle East; aimed at exporting Iran's natural gas from its gigantic reserves in the Persian Gulf, to its neighboring Iraq and Syria.

Iran, Iraq and Syria took the plan a step further as their energy authorities signed a memorandum of understanding in Assaluyeh at Iran's south pars gas field on Monday.

The target is a 5000 kilometer pipeline that would open the market for 110 million cubic meters per day of Iranian natural gas. This corridor will supply Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and probably Greece on its way towards Western Europe.

Experts believe that the 10-billion-dollar agreement will give Iran a new position in the world energy market.

But experts also say that security and the commitment of Iran's partners in a future contract are some of the challenges that this project might face.

The event takes place at a time when Iran's oil and gas sector faces US sponsored sanctions which also urges other countries not to engage in energy deals with the Islamic Republic. The Iraqi oil minister had a different opinion.

Iran currently produces 600 million cubic meters of gas per day, 37 million cubic meters of which are exported abroad.

Experts say that Iran already has 33 trillion cubic meters of proven natural gas reserves; enough to supply Europe's demand for 80 years. Figures show that by 2030 Europe's gas consumption will go from 500 to 700 million cubic meters per day.

Some experts believe that by that time Iran could be a potential supplier of Europe's natural gas.

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