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Qorbani: West Prolongs Its Presence in Region by Creating Insecurity

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, July 27 (ICANA) – A senior Majlis deputy referred to the recent statements of the Supreme Leader in his meeting with the naval forces, and said the West was prolonging its presence in the region by creating insecurity.
Wednesday, July 27, 2011 8:51:45 PM
Qorbani: West Prolongs Its Presence in Region by Creating Insecurity

Speaking to ICANA, Mousa Qorbani touched on the impact of presence of US naval fleet on the Persian Gulf insecurity and said when the colonial interests of transregional powers are endangered in the Middle East they strive to change the equilibrium to their own interests by using military instruments. He stressed that the awakening of Muslims was an explicit threat for the global arrogance.

Qorbani, a member of the Majlis Judicial and Legal Commission considered creation of an atmosphere of terror among nations an strategic policy of foreigners for their military presence in the Middle East.

He said the awakening, vigilance and progress seeking policies of Islamic nations is a clear threat to global arrogance, therefore the US tries to tackle Islamic uprisings with the assistance of certain Arab rulers.

Referring to Iran as an example of revolutionary and freedom loving country, he said if the independent policies and actions of Iran spread to other countries, the West would lose many of its political and economic tools and its status would become instable at international arena.

He stressed that the While House claims on war on terror are untrue and void saying a decade has passed since the NATO takeover of Afghanistan and Iraq but Bin Laden was killed some time ago in Pakistan. This indicates the incapability of Westerners in establishing security, said the lawmaker.

He added that the Western military forces are targets of suicide attacks on a daily basis in Iraq and Afghanistan and they do not have a suitable mechanism to get out of this situation. Therefore, he said, Muslim states can restore security and calm to the Middle East and Persian Gulf by self-belief and reliance on native potentials.

Turning to the role of the Revolution Guards (IRGC) and Armed Forces in safeguarding regional security, Qorbani said the Armed Forces should be equipped with modern facilities and instruments in order to be able to tackle the adventurisms of the enemies. This, he stressed, needs financial support of the government for the armed forces and the IRGC.

He said most of countries' energy, trade and economic exchanges are carried out through the Persian Gulf and for this reason it is necessary that the government allocate part of its trade revenues to establishment of security.

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