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MPs Endorse IRICA Powers, Responsibilities

Service : Economy
TEHRAN, July 31 (ICANA) – The powers and responsibilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) were approved by the members of parliament in the open session of the Majlis on Sunday.
Sunday, July 31, 2011 2:03:48 PM
MPs Endorse IRICA Powers, Responsibilities

The MPs unanimously voted for Article III of the Customs Affairs Bill which consists of 22 Notes. Out of votes cast 125 voted in favor and 16 abstained. There was no vote against.

The bill had been adopted at the Economic Commission more than two months ago based on Article 85 of the Iranian Constitution for a five-year trial period.

 Article 85  [Delegated Legislation]

(1) The right of membership is vested with the individual, and is not transferable to others.  The Assembly cannot delegate the power of legislation to an individual or committee.  But whenever necessary, it can delegate the power of legislating certain laws to its own committees, in accordance with Article 72.  In such a case, the laws will be implemented on a tentative basis for a period specified by the Assembly, and their final approval will rest with the Assembly.

(2) Likewise, the Assembly may, in accordance with Article 72, delegate to the relevant committees the responsibility for permanent approval of articles of association of organizations, companies, government institutions, or organizations affiliated to the government and or invest the authority in the government.  In such a case, the government approvals must not be inconsistent with the principles and commandments of the official religion in the country or with the Constitution, which question shall be determined by the Guardian Council in accordance with what is stated in Article 96.  In addition to this, the Government approvals shall not be against the laws and other general rules of the country and, while calling for implementation, the same shall be brought to the knowledge of the Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly for his study and indication that the approvals in question are not inconsistent with the aforesaid rules.

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