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Lawmaker: Islamic Human Rights Certain to Solve Human Problems

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TEHRAN, August 6 (ICANA) – A senior Iranian lawmaker says the charter of Islamic human rights is perfect both in Theory and action in defending human dignity and citizenship rights.
Saturday, August 06, 2011 6:58:59 PM
Lawmaker: Islamic Human Rights Certain to Solve Human Problems

Speaking to ICANA, vice chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Majlis Esmail Kowsari added that the model of Islamic human rights had been taken from the rule of Imam Ali (AS) in early Islam.

He added: "What we have at the United Nations Organization under the title of human rights may sound excellent in theory but in practice it is not and may even be harmful to nations, Muslims in particular."

Referring to the massacre of people in Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years, the MP noted: "Committing all these crimes by Israel, US an NATO in various junctures of history is so blatant that the name of UN 'human rights' must be changed to 'anti-human' rights."

Instead, Kowsari noted, the Islamic human rights will certainly be able to solve the problems of humanity because it is originated from Islamic and divine books."

As an example, the top legislator said over the past 33 years after the Islamic Revolution, Iran has not committed aggression against any country. "Instead, the Islamic Republic of Iran has supported the nations under oppression,"

He said all evidence pointed to the fact that IRI has been a pioneer in Islamic human rights and maintained friendly ties will all its neighbors.

He said other nations could follow suit and liberate themselves from under the yoke of oppressor rulers.

OIC Member States are approaching the 5th of August that marks “Islamic Human Rights and Human Dignity Day”, a day which is coincident with adoption of the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam. Asingle short document of 25 articles that has had considerable impact to enrichment and improvement of international human rights discourse and promotion of human rights values around the world.

Aware of the prevailing international circumstances and the necessity of strengthening the active cooperation and coordination among member states, the Islamic Republic of Iran tabled a resolution at the 35th CFM in Kampala on "Designating 5th of August of Every Year as the Islamic Human Rights and Human Dignity Day", with the conviction that this day opens up an opportunity for Islamic Ummah to defend the true image of Islam, to combat defamation of Islam as well as encourage dialogue among civilizations and religions.

Pursuant to adoption of OIC resolution No. 33/35-P of 20 June 2008 to that effect, and in implementation of the requests contained therein, the Islamic Republic of Iran took the day as an opportunity to adopt concrete measures and undertake activities at national level in order to respond to the necessity of exploring ways and means to disseminate, promote and preserve the Islamic teachings and values in the field of human rights, and to reflect upon the Muslim human rights challenges in the world today.

A day that should be taken as an occasion to take tangible actions to rescue human rights from the bitter past legacy and move it to a higher plane of dialogue, cooperation, education and awareness rising according to Islamic teachings and values.

Having this in mind, and on the occasion of the commemoration of the Islamic Human Rights and Human Dignity Day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Islamic Republic of Iran, with the support of other Governmental and non-Governmental organizations and institutions have deployed considerable efforts to observe this auspicious day since its adoption.

After the adoption of the resolution at CFM Meeting in Kampala, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs submitted a proposal to the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution of Islamic Republic of Iran, requesting that the 5th of August to be adopted as "national day for Islamic human rights and human dignity day". The Council in its regular meeting, chaired by the President of Islamic Republic of Iran and participated by high ranking cultural officials, approved the proposal and decided that concerned ministries and organizations actively coordinate and cooperate in organizing of events to observe and honor this auspicious day.

Last year, following of the Council's decision, in the run-up to the 5th of August, an ad hoc steering committee, comprising deputies of concerned ministries and heads of relevant national organizations, was set up in Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to conduct activities aimed at celebrating the Islamic human rights and human dignity day.

On the eve of the 5th of August, MFA also held a ceremony in which the  Foreign and Justice Ministers as well as a considerable number of prominent Muslim scholars known in the field of human rights, and a great number of human rights activists attended, and a commemorative postage stamp was presented.

In the same vein, this year, a scheme is devised intended to provide a roadmap for stimulating activities to stage events in order to observe and mark this auspicious day. In this framework, the Institution for Political and International Studies in coordination with Human Rights Department of MFA is organizing an International seminar in which members of intellectuals and scholars in the field of human rights, culture, and information as well as the diplomatic corps have been invited to attend.

Furthermore, playing its part in public awareness raising and further involving MPs in the issue, Human Rights Committee of Islamic Republic of Iran Parliament (Majlis) is planning to launch activities and organize events marking this day.

In conclusion, Muslim countries have made substantial contributions to promotion and protection of human rights around the world, but despite successful achievements, much more remain to be done to achieve the goal of respecting the “inherent dignity of man” which is stipulated in our divine teachings. The Islamic world will strive to realize this vision through effective and comprehensive action, in conformity with its own divine values and principles.

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