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Ahmadinejad Says UK Brutality in Unrest "Unacceptable"

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, Aug 10 (ICANA) – Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has strongly condemned the violent treatment of British protesters by police forces in the United Kingdom.
Wednesday, August 10, 2011 6:55:33 PM
Ahmadinejad Says UK Brutality in Unrest "Unacceptable"

Speaking to reporters at the end of the weekly cabinet session on Wednesday, President Ahmadinejad said the UK police's confronting the empty-handed civilians is totally unacceptable, adding that those, who were once the flag bearer of freedom, human rights and democracy, are now acting against their mottos.

President Ahmadinejad referred to British protesters as “opposition” and condemned the killing of demonstrators by the British police.

The true opposition in Britain is the people that are pushed to the ground and beaten on London streets and slain and yet "no one hears their voice," he added.

He stated that the main issues facing the world today include discrimination, wars and the type of management in societies, and said the ongoing global problems are rooted in “misguided management.”

The Iranian chief executive also said that the world has witnessed the worst management during recent centuries, noting, “The current era is even worse than the era of slavery.”

President Ahmadinejad added that over 100 million people have been killed in wars over the past century, as wrong policies have created a deep income gap and millions of people are suffering absolute poverty and are on the threshold of death.

Ahmadinejad said all are now concerned about social explosion in the Western society which might go beyond control.

Addressing UK’s high ranking officials, he said they should bear in mind that the world has been changed dramatically and the era of vandalism under any name or title is over.

“We advise you not to lay the blame on your own people and correct your mistake; and instead of interfering in the affairs of other countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq and launching military campaign against Libya, mind affairs of your own people,” he said.

People in Europe suffered hardships and ups and downs during the First and the Second World Wars, which served the interests of the US and Zionists, he said.

President Ahmadinejad also urged the UN Security Council to take action over the rioting in Britain, arguing it was hypocritical in its reaction to such events.

Ahmadinejad also called on British officials to listen to the demands of their people.

"The U.N. is silent. Human rights bodies are silent," Ahmadinejad said. "If one percent of this happens in countries that oppose the West, they scream until they are hoarse."

"Why is the Security Council silent?" he said, also questioning its willingness to take action directed at one of its five veto-wielding permanent members.

"They should change their attitude, change their management and deal with their own people instead of intervening in others' affairs," he said, referring to Britain's role in Afghanistan, Iraq and its participation in the NATO airstrikes on Libya.

The US government and NATO can drop thousands of bombs on Somalia in a single day but do not take any action to pay 1000 Brithish Pounds to help the draught-stricken people in the country, underlined President Ahmadinejad.

Iranian government has allocated an aid of  Rls. 250 billion to Somalia, said President Ahmadinejad, calling on the Iranian people to spare no efforts to this effect.

"They were claiming that they are a role model and advocator of freedom, human rights and democracy, but what behavior do they apply in dealing with their own people," said Ahmadinejad.




The unrest in Britain began on August 6 in the north London suburb of Tottenham, after a few hundred people gathered outside a police station to protest against the fatal shooting and killing of a Black man, Mark Duggan by the police.

However, violent protests erupted in major cities like Birmingham, Liverpool, and Bristol in Britain's worst rioting since the 1980s. Protest outbreaks were also reported in Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Reading, and Oxford.

Turmoil is now threatening to sweep across Britain as the mayhem and looting has also spread to the central city of Birmingham, the western city of Bristol, the northwestern city of Liverpool, and south London neighborhood of Brixton.

Scotland Yard said it had deployed an extra 1700 officers to deal with the London unrest.

British Police announced on Tuesday they had arrested more than 200 people in the worst night of unrest so far and more than 450 overall after the British protestors poured to the streets to protest at the killing of the black citizen by the police.

Tottenham is an impoverished area with an ethnically diverse population, a large black community and a history of unrest. Some residents resent police behavior, including the use of stop and search powers, which they say are primarily targeted at black youths.

In the third night, the unrests spread across London and into other parts of the UK, including Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham and Bristol.

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