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UNSC Resolution 598 stipulates payment of reparations to Iran

Lawmaker: Iraq Must Pay Iran War Reparations

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, Aug 10 (ICANA) – A member of the Iranian parliament says Iraq has been officially identified as the aggressor party in the 8-year war it imposed on Islamic Iran in 1980 and must pay reparations to Iran.
Wednesday, August 10, 2011 10:07:16 PM
Lawmaker: Iraq Must Pay Iran War Reparations

Member of the Plan and Budget Commission of the Majlis Ezatollah Yousefian Mulla told ICANA on Wednesday that claims by an Iraqi MP that Tehran should pay Baghdad war reparations originated from a "defeated political current" inside Iraq.

Talal al-Zoba’e, an Iraqi lawmaker from al-Iraqiya Bloc, led by Iraq’s former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, in a statement to Aswat al-Iraq news agency on Monday demanded Iran to pay compensation to Iraq in the amount of 700 billion dollars.

The Iranian lawmaker said such claims usually are raised by certain political groups inside Iraq who face partisan problems and resort to blame game.

He said the Allawi group had failed to take over the government but they failed; they also worked hard to support opponents of Iran again they failed; that is why they are now resorting to such schemes.

He said the then UN Secretary General Javier Perez De Cuellar had openly identified Iraq as the aggressor party in the war and the United Nations Security Council Resolution 598 which put an end to the war clearly states that Iraq as the aggressor party must pay war reparations to Iran.

He said Iraq had asked for ceasefire and peace with Iran after initially invading Iran and under conditions that part of the Iranian soil was under occupation of its troops. "When Iraqi planes bombed Tehran's Mehrabad airport on (22) September 1980 Iraq's ground forces launched an attack on Khuzestan. This has been registered in history and cannot be denied."

He said Iran has been very generous not to demand war reparations from Iraq so far "but if Iraqi officials take the initiative in this respect we will definitely seek reparations from them."

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