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Zakani: US Seeking to Hijack Islamic Uprisings

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, Aug 13 (ICANA) – A senior member of the Iranian parliament says Iran’s biggest assistance to the revolutionary nations is to break West’s information monopoly. He said the recent developments in the Middle East and Africa have undermined the arrogant powers’ credit and status and greatly tarnished their apparent powerful image.
Saturday, August 13, 2011 1:43:27 PM
Zakani: US Seeking to Hijack Islamic Uprisings

Speaking to ICANA Saturday, Alireza Zakani said the wave of Islamic awakening and liberation movements will reach a stage that the arrogant powers would be isolated internationally and their interests jeopardized in the various corners of the world.

The lawmaker said the West is doing all it can to restore its domination over the world but “they will never attain their goal.”

He said the Egyptian revolution inflicted a deadly blow on the Zionist regime but the US is trying to hijack the Islamic awakenings by injecting deviational demands among Muslim nations particularly in Syria in order to break the resistance and change the situation in favor of the Zionist regime.

“Today the usurper Qods occupying regime is caught in the claws of the Muslim nations and Washington and its allies are exerting utmost efforts to save Israel from this adverse situation but so far have failed to realize their illegitimate desire and thus put the Islamic resistance in the state of weakness,” said the MP.

He also noted that people in Muslim countries should carefully observe international equations and situation in order not to lose their superb position against media and propaganda ploys of the West.

The trend of the developments in the region which started from Tunisia and later engulfed Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain is moving in a direction that the status of the arrogant powers has been further shaken before the world public opinion. The imperialist and colonialist schemes of the arrogant West are facing defeat one after the other due to the independent-seeking and anti-dictatorial uprisings.

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