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Fouladgar: Islamic Resistance Paved the Way for Regional Awakening

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, August 14 (ICANA) – A senior Majlis deputy says commitment to religious and Islamic values was the key factor behind success of Islamic Resistance Movement versus Israel.
Sunday, August 14, 2011 10:57:45 PM
Fouladgar: Islamic Resistance Paved the Way for Regional Awakening

Speaking to ICANA, Hamid Reza Fouladgar hailed the Islamic Resistance in confronting Global Arrogance and said the most important effect of the Islamic Resistance was changing the direction of campaigns and funneling them towards the United States and the Occupying regime of Qods. 

He said these two characteristics made the Islamic Resistance distinct from other campaign methods and/or movements which had been formed in the region earlier.

The MP said movements had been founded in Palestine and Lebanon before the Islamic Resistance. However, none of them came to desirable results because either they did not rely on Islam and were entrapped by deviated procedures or gave in to reconciliation with the United States and the Zionist regime and failed to continue the campaign.

He reminded that the Islamic Resistance especially in Lebanon and in the front confronting the Qods occupying regime and later in Palestine in the movement of Hamas and Islamic Jihad caused that people of the region return to Islam and look for ways to campaign from within Islam.

The MP touched on the effective role of Islamic movement of the regional people in defeating arrogance and said, “The Islamic movement of the people, the zenith of which we witnessed in the Intifadah, led by Seyed Hassan Nasrollah in Lebanon managed to make Israelis taste the bitterness of defeat for the first time."

Sunday August 14 has been designated as the Day of Islamic Resistance in Iran's official calendar.

The trend of the developments in the region which started from Tunisia and later engulfed Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain is moving in a direction that the status of the arrogant powers has been further shaken before the world public opinion. The imperialist and colonialist schemes of the arrogant West are facing defeat one after the other due to the independent-seeking and anti-dictatorial uprisings.

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