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Iranian MPs condemn Britain's inhumane behavior

London Unrests Exposed UK's Anti-Human Rights Image to the World

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TEHRAN, August 17 (ICANA) – A majority of Iranian lawmakers in a statement on Wednesday condemned the British government's brutal and inhumane crackdown on protestors. They also called on the responsible international organizations and the United Nations Human Rights Committee to cope with the issue.
Wednesday, August 17, 2011 7:06:15 PM
London Unrests Exposed UK's Anti-Human Rights Image to the World

The Iranian lawmakers also voiced confidence that the recent unrests in the heart of Europe will lead to the collapse of the Western capitalist system.

"There is no doubt that the voice of the British citizens, who are under the pressure of unemployment and economic crisis, echoes the sound of the collapse of the western capitalist system," the statement issued by 239 Iranian legislators said.

The statement was read out by Mohammad Dehqan, member of the Presiding Board of the Majlis.

"We as the representatives of the justice-seeking Iranian nation condemn the measures taken by the British government in violation of human rights and underline the necessity for a halt in the suppression of the people through immoral and inhumane methods," read the statement.

Earlier Wednesday, human rights groups expressed concern about the brutal behavior of the British police towards protestors, and criticized the severity of some of the sentences handed down to people involved in last week's unrests.

On Tuesday two men were jailed for four years after charges of inciting disorder via social networking sites were raised against them - the longest sentences so far.

Jordan Blackshaw, 20, and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22, who were arrested last week, were sentenced at Chester Crown Court.

Their jail terms are the most severe yet to be handed out by the courts following the unrests in London and other British cities.

"The public disturbances are seen as an aggravating factor and that is fair enough... But there seems to be a complete lack of proportionality to some of the sentences," Andrew Neilson from the Howard League for Penal Reform said.

"These make a mockery of proportionality, which is a key principle of the justice system."

Unrest has rocked Britain in a scale unprecedented in 30 years following the police's killing of black male Mark Duggan in a shooting spree in the London suburb of Tottenham on August 4.

Tension erupted on August 6, when a few hundred people gathered outside a police station in Tottenham to protest the killing.

The protests have spread to major cities like Birmingham, Liverpool, and Bristol.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has threatened to call in the army if protests persisted, and analysts believe that his threat displays that the White Hall's claim about being an advocate of human rights and freedom of expression is nothing but an empty, boastful remark.

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