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Majlis National Security Spokesman:

Current Libyan Government Responsible for Imam Musa Sadr's Safety

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, Aug 23 (ICANA) – Rapporteur of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Majlis, Kazem Jalali has said that the current government in Libya is responsible for the safety of the missing Imam Moussa Sadr.
Tuesday, August 23, 2011 8:06:44 PM
Current Libyan Government Responsible for Imam Musa Sadr's Safety

Speaking on the sidelines of the Majlis open session on Tuesday, Jalali commenting on the latest developments in Libya, stated that the Libyans must be allowed to decide their own fate, form a government via a free election and compile their own constitution.

The senior lawmaker said the presence of foreign forces in Libya would only further complicate the situation, adding: "The control of the country after the fall of the former regime must be given to the people to fulfill their wishes."

Jalali said that according to evidences, Imam Sadr was still alive and kept by the Gaddafi government as a captive. He said Colonel Gaddafi had lied many lies to the international community none of which is acceptable.

In response to a question posed by ICANA on the follow-ups of his Commission for liberation of Imam Sadr and complaints by the Imam's nephew that Iran's diplomatic machine had not done enough in this regard, Jalali said: "The 7th and 8th parliaments have seriously followed up the fate of Imam Moussa Sadr and special committees have been set up to study his situation and return to his family."

 As new developments are taking place in Libya, the family of Imam Sadr, an Iranian-born Shia cleric who vanished without a trace in Libya in 1978, issued a statement on Monday, calling for efforts to be made to help obtain his release from the Libyan prison.

In August 1978, imam Sadr departed for Libya with two companions to meet officials of Gaddafi government. They were never heard from again, and many believe they met with foul play at the hands of Gaddafi.

In August 2008, Lebanon issued an arrest warrant for Gaddafi and 11 other Libyan officials, charging them with kidnapping Sadr. Gaddafi was also indicted for “inciting the abduction” of the senior cleric.

Libya has denied responsibility, claiming that Sadr and his companions left Libya for Italy in 1978. However, many believe that Sadr is still alive and is being held in a secret jail in Libya.

Lebanese Hezbollah has also said Libya is first and foremost responsible for Sadr’s disappearance.

"We are certain that Libya’s Interim National Transitional Council will spare no effort to obtain the release of the imam and his two companions," said the statement issued by Sadr family.

"We call on international forums, the United Nations, the affiliated organizations, and particularly Interpol to enforce arrest warrants issued by the Lebanese judiciary for Gaddafi and his accomplices.

"We call on non-governmental and state-run human rights organizations and groups to take measures necessary to protect the lives of the imam and his two companions.

"The Lebanese government should take prompt and effective diplomatic, security, and judicial measures to obtain the release of the imam and his two companions and to arrest Gaddafi and his accomplices."

Imam Sadr’s family also called on the Lebanese media and Muslim and Arab countries to make efforts to help secure the release of the imam and his companions.

They also asked the Libyan opposition and those who have any news about al-Sadr to inform them.

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