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Islamic Awakening Faction elects presiding board

Iran to Host Intl Forum on Islamic Awakening Next Week

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, Aug 23 (ICANA) – Members of the newly launched faction Islamic Awakening in the Iranian Parliament held its first formal session on Tuesday and elected members of the Presiding Board. They also agree to hold an international forum on Islamic awakening in Tehran next Monday.
Tuesday, August 23, 2011 10:39:28 PM
Iran to Host Intl Forum on Islamic Awakening Next Week

Speaking to ICANA, member of the faction Ali Karimi Firouzkhani said the faction has now 170 members who elected Shahabedin Sadr as the chairman and Seyed Ali Taheri and Ali Kaeidi as vice-chairmen. Sattar Hedayat-khah and Hassan Norouzi were elected as secretaries and Shahrokh Ramin as clerks of the faction.

He also said that the international forum next week will be held at the Islamic Culture and Communication Organization.

The MP said Tuesday's session reviewed the latest situations in Libya and Yemen and other issues of the region.

 The new faction is headed by Seyed Shahabedin Sadr, second deputy speaker of parliament.

Sadr said at the time that his group will closely monitor the Islamic awakening trend and plans to meet with revolutionary groups in the region who are fighting US and Israeli despotism.

He said the group will most probably hold its first session next week, adding that the faction will operate under the Majlis Association of Principlists and share their goals and inspirations.

Islamic Awakening faction issued its first statement last week accusing the US and Israel of being behind the Syrian unrests. "Wherever the Iranian nation see footsteps of the US and Zionism it would regard that action deviational," said the statement.

What the peoples in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan and Saudi Arabia want is Islamism and establishment of popular and Islamic governments, the statement said, adding that the Islamic Revolution of Iran has played as a model in this great movement.

Referring to the trial of former dictator of Egypt Hosni Mubarak, the statement said the people of Egypt would not quiet down unless "this pharaoh of the time and ally of usurper Israel and criminal US" is sent to the gallows.

As for the Saudi rulers, the statement said they have exposed their real face and committed the highest degree of tyranny against the defenseless people of Bahrain. It added that the fall of the Saudi monarchs was near as they faced a doomed fate in this world and severe punishment in the other world.

The statement slammed NATO for plundering the Libyan people's national resources and wealth and for massacring them instead of supporting the oppressed people of the country.

Turning to the recent unrests in Europe, the statement said the wave of global awakening had penetrated deep into the heart of Europe, including Britain, Spain, Italy, Greece and France. It predicted that after UK it would be the turn of the US to face a similar tragedy to what has happened to its ally. In the meanwhile, the statement strong condemned the brutal and racist behavior of the British government in suppressing its people and urged international and human rights organizations to see into the tragedy.

Referring to continued efforts by the arrogant powers, led by the US, to harm the Islamic Republic of Iran through different military, political and economic means, the statement urged the Iranian officials and media to refrain from involvement in secondary and sideline issues under the present sensitive conditions.

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