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Farhad Tajari:

UN rights report on Iran biased

Service : Politic
Tehran, Oct 29 (ICANA) – Senior Iranian lawmaker Farhad Tajari has rejected a recent report by a UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran as “biased and politicized.”
Sunday, October 30, 2011 3:09:15 PM
UN rights report on Iran biased

Tajari, a member of the Majlis (parliament) Legal and Judicial Commission, told IRNA on Saturday that the report has been compiled in line with the interests of Western intelligence and spy agencies.

He described the report as “politicized and unreal” and stressed that international bodies should not be abused for political interests.

Tajari said that reports like the one compiled by Ahmed Shaheed pursue certain objectives, which the Iranian nation and the world public opinion are well aware of.

On October 19, Iran's Deputy Ambassador to the United Nation Eshaq Al-e-Habib dismissed Shaheed's report on Iran as “unacceptable and invalid.”

Addressing the UN General Assembly's Third Committee, Al-e-Habib rejected the report, saying the ratification of the UN Human Rights Council's resolution on the rights situation in Iran and the UN decision to appoint a special rapporteur in the first place were the result of a one-sided and politically-motivated approach by the US and its Europeans allies.

"As the main enemy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the US spares no effort to manipulate the international community with fabricated and misleading misinformation," the Iranian diplomat said.

"This country (the US) is better off to look and correct the dark history and record of its own grave violations of human rights, not only at home, but also abroad,” Al-e-Habib added.

He advised Britain to "address its own humanitarian affairs related to its people who protested throughout that country to show their dissatisfaction."

Al-e-Habib further said that Shaheed's report does not reflect the actual rights situation in Iran, and that it is a compilation of a series of "poorly-sourced, exaggerated and outdated allegations.”

"Its content is absolutely unjustified, unwarranted and unacceptable for my country," he said.

The UN special rapporteur on human rights in Iran claimed in a 21-page report on October 17 that rights violations have increased in Iran.

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