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Esmaeil Kowsari:

Iran's documents on US terrorism herald trial of white house leaders

Service : Politic
Tehran, Nov 02 (ICANA) – Vice-Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mohammad Esmaeil Kowsari said the 100 documents that Iran will release on the US involvement in terrorist activities across the world will serve as a prelude to the trial of the White House officials.
Sunday, November 06, 2011 3:11:20 PM
Iran's documents on US terrorism herald trial of white house leaders

"The documents that Iran has decided to release to prove the United States' leading role in terrorist operations against Iran and other world countries are nothing new to the Iranian nation, since people in this country have witnessed the US terrorist activities against Iran all throughout the last 33 years", Kowsari saod on Wednesday.

He further noted the most recent cases of US state-sponsored terrorism against Iran and other world countries, and said, "Assassination of Iran's nuclear scientists and massacre of the Iraqi and Afghan people are just a part of the US crimes which are not hidden to anyone."

The legislator reminded the recent remarks of the Iranian Supreme Leader that once these documents are released, the US would be discredited, and added, "The 100 documents that the Supreme Leader noted are not general words, rather they are documents proving that the United States' intelligence and security officials have issued direct orders for terrorist operations."

Yet, he said that the "international bodies seem to lack the courage to study and take action on the basis of Iran's documents, but given the growing waves of Islamic awakening and popular uprisings, these documents will herald trial of the US rulers in the near future".

Kowsari stated that Iran believes it is required to inform the American people of the US rulers' crimes, especially now that anti-capitalism protests have provided a good opportunity for the awareness of the American nation.

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