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Farhad Bashiri:

OWS protests recompense Israeli crimes

Service : Politic
Tehran, Nov 06 (ICANA) – Member of the Central Council of the Islamic Awakening Fraction in the Iranian parliament says that the Occupy Wall Street protests in the United States will recompense crimes and atrocities committed by the Zionist regime of Israel.
Sunday, November 06, 2011 4:13:10 PM
OWS protests recompense Israeli crimes

In an interview with ICANA on Sunday, Bashiri said: "Attacking the Israeli embassy by the young protesters in the US indicates that the final objective of the protests is to wipe out Israel."

He further noted; "The Zionist regime is supposed to repay the costs of the crimes it has committed against the oppressed Palestinians and many other Muslims around the world."

"The wall street protests will finally force the Israelis to recompense the costs of the atrocities they have made over the past decades," he added.

According to the news agencies, a number of US protesters tried to storm the embassy of Israel yesterday in an attempt aimed at supporting the Palestinian oppressed people.

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