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Arrogant powers in weak position'

Service : Politic
Tehran, Nov 07 (ICANA) – Iran's Vice President for Parliamentary Affairs Mohammad Reza Mir-Tajeddini says the era of global arrogance has come to an end, stressing that hegemonic powers have grown weak.
Tuesday, November 08, 2011 1:41:53 PM
Arrogant powers in weak position'

The Arab revolutions will spread to other countries and this means that the era of arrogant powers' dominance over Muslim countries has ended, ISNA quoted Mir-Tajeddini as saying in an interview with Iran's Arabic-language news channel Al-Alam.

The hegemonic powers, especially the United States, are in a position of weakness with regard to the failure of their schemes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Gaza, he noted.

The new century is the century of Islamic Awakening and the power of Muslim countries, he added.

The Iranian vice president urged Muslims across the world to strengthen their unity and avoid religious and ethnic strife in order to safeguard the achievements of the region's Islamic Awakening and form an Islamic coalition at an international level.

He cautioned that the hegemonic powers will resort to all possible means to "return to the region," and called on the elite and the youth in countries undergoing revolutions and uprisings to remain vigilant.

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