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Iraq Speaker:

Keeping 15000 employees at US embassy in Iraq is illogical

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Baghdad, Dec 13 (Agencies) - Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Al Nujaifi considered, on Monday, that keeping 15 thousand employees at the US embassy in Iraq after US troops’ withdrawal is illogical.
Tuesday, December 13, 2011 2:47:02 PM
Keeping 15000 employees at US embassy in Iraq is illogical

“Under diplomatic representation and bilateral relations’ exchange in accordance with the Strategic Framework Agreement signed with Iraq, it is illogical to have 15 thousand employees at the US embassy after US troops’ withdrawal from Iraq,” Osama Al Nujaifi told a press conference attended by Alsumarianews at the parliament building.

This issue requires answers from Iraqi government, Nujaifi revealed indicating that the parliament will host Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki to discuss Security Forces’ readiness at his return from Washington.

“Maliki’s visit to Washington is very important and we will receive him in parliament, as soon as he returns to Iraq, to discuss Iraqi Security Forces’ readiness and needed funding and support to defend Iraqi borders and internal security,” Nujaifi added, a source told Alsumaria.

US embassy’s spokesman in Baghdad Michael Mcclellan assured, on Saturday December 10, that the current employees of the US embassy count about 15 thousand by the knowledge and approval of the Iraqi government, Mcclellan declared noting that US embassies in other countries have the same number of employees.

The Islamic High Council headed by Ammar Al Hakim stated, on December 11, that having 15 thousand employees at the US embassy in Baghdad is a mammoth number and is believed to be an excuse to stay in big numbers in the country. Americans are now using other means to remain in Iraq, he concluded.

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