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US threats in PG to elicit Iran response

Service : Politic
Tehran, Jan 6 (ICANA) – Head of the Majlis (parliament) Foreign Policy Subcommittee, Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh says the Islamic Republic reserves the right to respond in kind to any threat posed to its interests from any part of the world.
Sunday, January 08, 2012 2:17:10 PM
US threats in PG to elicit Iran response

Falahatpisheh said Friday that if the United States continues its threatening presence in Iranian waterways, Iran will respond in kind.

The lawmaker emphasized that Iran does not follow an aggressive strategy; rather its strategy is defined within a defensive framework.

“Iran has never initiated war and military confrontation and our military does not use the language of threat, rather [it uses] the language of defense,” he added.

The lawmaker explained that NATO changed its statute in 1994 to adopt a new policy of military aggression.

“Iran is a country that differs from [other] countries which have been targeted by US aggressive strategy. Iran can deal counterblows to any aggressive country and has strategic depth which makes the management of a war impossible for the party that starts it,” he said.

Falahatpisheh further stated that since Washington uses the language of threat, Iran must consider any military move by the US in the region as a threatening move and respond by holding military drills.

“[Military] drills held by the Islamic Republic following the imposed war [with Iraq] have been proportionate to threats posed to Iran from time to time by its enemies,” he added.

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