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Arab rulers rapped over Palestine

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Tehran, Jan 15, (ICANA) – Iran's Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has lashed out at some Western-backed Arab leaders for their pro-Israeli policies, despite the growing wave of Islamic Awakening in the Arab world.
Sunday, January 15, 2012 3:36:02 PM
Arab rulers rapped over Palestine

“Over the past centuries, Muslim nations have all, in some way, come under the yoke of dictators and colonialists, enduring political suffocation; however, even today, despite the rise of Islamic Awakening in countries of the region, some of the client rulers do not seek to even take a single step for Muslim nations, particularly Palestine,” Larijani said at a Saturday conference on Islamic Awakening in the Iranian capital city of Tehran.

The Majlis speaker described some Arab rulers as the “brokers and runners for the US and UK,” adding that such statesmen merely advocate the rights of oppressed people of Palestine in rhetoric, though in practice, they do not make any efforts to help liberate al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Larijani referred to the largely foreign-instigated unrest in Syria and warned that a “corrupt international campaign” seeks to promote the interests of the Israeli regime through the crisis in Syria while the client Arab rulers are pursuing “something other than democracy.”

The top Iranian legislator called on the Syrian nation to take control of their fate and urged Damascus to commit itself to reforms, noting that such alterations should not be prescribed by the “reactionary” ruler of the region that seeks to eliminate the Palestinian resistance movement.

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