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Reformists should be more active in parliamentary race

Service : Politic
Tehran, Feb 20, (ICANA) – Lawmaker and Tehran candidate Ali Motahhari has criticized reformists for not “actively” participating in the parliamentary election race.
Tuesday, February 21, 2012 2:34:15 PM
Reformists should be more active in parliamentary race

Referring to instances of reformists opting out of the race due to suspicions the Guardian Council would not qualify them, Motahhari said that it would have been better for the bloc’s politicians to have fielded their candidacy and declared their duty done, even if they were excluded.

“They could participate in the election and seek their demands through the ninth Majlis (next parliament),” Motahhari said on Sunday.

“This is much better than to sit aside and allow an extremist group to take control of the ninth Majlis and then later ask why it happened.”  

He said the people’s desire is for Iran to be managed by consensus and not by the “idea” that those who spoke out against the events following the 2009 election be called “unwise” and told to “get off the train of revolution”.

Motahhari, who was not included on the parliamentary list for the mainstream principlist group, has formed an alliance of government critics under the banner of the Voice of the Nation. He is also on two reformist-leaning candidate lists for the Tehran seat of the Majlis.

Motahhari said Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani, who is running for parliament for the Qom constituency, has not expressed support for the Voice of the Nation candidate list.

 However, most of the candidates on the Voice of the Nation list have a “good opinion” of Larijani, he added.

Motahhari also said, “We have included some reformists on our list but I don’t know what his [Larijani's] view is.”

The vocal MP said he has resisted pressure against putting reformists on his list of candidates, saying, “I see no wall or border between moderate principlists and moderate reformists. In my opinion some reformists are more committed to principles than principlists.”

Asked about his predication of President Ahmadinejad’s answers to a series of questions by MPs which is going to take place in parliament in the second half of the current calendar month, he said the president may bring certain reasons to convince MPs about job creation or subsidy reform plan but if, for example, he says that that he does not accept parliamentary approval on allocating 2 billion dollars for development of public transportation system “we may study his impeachment.”

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