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Ali Karimi-Firouzjayi:

Awakening movements accelerate fall of Zionist regime

Service : Politic
Tehran, May 14, (ICANA) – Member of Majlis Islamic Awakening Fraction Ali Karimi Firouzjayi says that the blind imitation of United States colonialist policies by the European countries has irritated the people, resulting in massive demonstrations across the continent.
Monday, May 14, 2012 2:57:10 PM
Awakening movements accelerate fall of Zionist regime

In an interview with ICANA on Monday, Karimi said, "The victory of the socialist candidate in recent presidential election in France is a direct representation of European people's dissatisfaction with their governments and their blind imitation from US."

He further noted that the demonstrations in Europe are in line with the global awakening movement which is continuing to challenge the despotic rulers across the world.

"The awakening movement can facilitate the fall of the Zionist regime as the symbol of hegemonic rule and finally can topple down the global hegemonic system," he added.

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