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German Jewish leaders ignore Iranian Jewish MP's call for talks

Service : Politic
Berlin, Jun 19, IRNA - German Jewish leaders snubbed a request by Iranian Jewish lawmaker Siamak Merre-Sedq to meet him during his visit in Berlin.
Wednesday, June 20, 2012 3:34:33 PM
German Jewish leaders ignore Iranian Jewish MP's call for talks

Merre-Sedq said he had made a request to meet with representatives of Berlin's Jewish community around 10 days before his trip to Germany, however he received no reply from them.

He stressed he was puzzled as to why German Jewish leaders were not willing to even engage in an inner-Jewish dialogue with their Iranian counterparts.

The MP reiterated he would always be ready to meet with them to update them on the state of monolithic religions in Iran and to correct their wrong notions about the alleged lack of religious freedom in the Islamic Republic.

The Iranian MP from Tehran voiced regret over the fact that at times Jews outside Iran fall prey to anti-Iranian propaganda instigated by the Zionist lobby.

Merre-Sedq made clear Jews in Iran were enjoying full religious freedom as the Islamic Republic was according to him the freest country in the world in terms of religious freedom.

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