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Ali Larijani:

Obama stand on Syria marked by Islamophobia

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Tehran, July 7, (ICANA) – Speaker of Iran's Majlis (parliament) Ali Larijani has described the US intervention in the Syrian affairs as a clear instance of US President Barack Obama’s Islamophobic policies.
Sunday, July 08, 2012 3:34:58 PM
Obama stand on Syria marked by Islamophobia

Comparing Obama’s outright support for anti-Syria armed gangs in the name of democracy while backing the dictatorial regime in Bahrain, Larijani insisted that “such dual standards cannot be justified by any reason,” Larijani said.

“The people of Bahrain are under extreme hardship; they are not demanding anything extraordinary but merely want the right to a ballot in which there is no difference between Shia and Sunni vote, but the parliament of this state (Bahrain) now only conforms to the American version of justice,” he said.

The top Iranian lawmaker, speaking Friday night in the holy city of Qom, also blasted Obama’s contradictory statements and policies regarding Islam before and after his 2008 election as the American president.

Obama has been the only US president throughout the American history that has implemented the most number of threats and sanctions against the Islamic Iran, while continually talking of peace and dialogue with nations and claiming to defend human rights, he said.

Larijani further censured “unreasonable American positions” with respect to Iran's nuclear energy issue, adding that “the US accuses Iran of violating (the International Atomic Energy) Agency regulations” while its representatives at the P5+1 nuclear negotiations “first travel to Israel and finalize the outcome of the talks there before the [actual] summit gets underway.”

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