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Abbas Salahi:

Summit of NAM Leaders proves Iran's diplomatic capacity

Service : Politic
Arak, Aug 21, (ICANA) – Member of Iran's Majlis Abbas Salahi says that convening Summit of Leaders of Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran indicates diplomatic capacity of the Islamic Republic of Iran in international community.
Wednesday, August 22, 2012 4:42:54 PM
Summit of NAM Leaders proves Iran's diplomatic capacity

Salahi said that convening NAM Summit will change diplomatic and political equilibrium in favor of Iran vis-a-vis the western governments and indicate that Iran is a strong and influential country in the world.

He further noted, “We should seize the opportunity to introduce Iran’s stances and views in line with promoting ties with the NAM member states.”

The summit is held at a time when the western governments claim to be superior to others and occupy Islamic states under various pretexts and impose unwarranted wars on the region, said the MP from Tafresh, Ashtiyan and Farahan.

Violation of human rights of the developing nations and occupation of Muslim territories by the western governments, especially the US, will be one of the main issues on the agenda of the Summit, he said, noting that Islamic Awakening movement will also be discussed by NAM Leaders.

The summit will instill new spirit to waves of Islamic Awakening by acknowledging the democratic movements in the Muslim states, he said.

The issue of Palestine is on top of the agenda, he said, noting that the lawlessness and crimes being perpetrated by continued occupation of Palestinian territories by Tel Aviv regime will be also reviewed by the participants in the Summit.

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