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Evaz Heidarpour:

Israel would be committing suicide if it attacked Iran

Service : Politic
Tehran, Aug 22, (ICANA) – Member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Evaz Heidarpour says Israel would be committing suicide if it launched a military strike against Iran in an attempt to stop the Islamic Republic’s nuclear energy program.
Wednesday, August 22, 2012 4:45:45 PM
Israel would be committing suicide if it attacked Iran

If the Zionist regime dares to attack Iran, the Islamic Republic clearly states that it cannot guarantee that even one single Zionist living in the occupied Palestinian territories will survive, Heidarpour said on Tuesday.

He said, “We have no doubt that the Zionists' claims about attacking Iran are nothing but psychological warfare.”

Heidarpour stated that Iranian missiles would target all of Israel if officials in Tel Aviv decided to attack Iran and there would be no chance for a formal apology or mediation by other countries in such a turn of events.

The Zionists’ assessments for a 30-day war with Iran are accurate. However, the outcome will be just the opposite of what they say. Iran can bring Israel to its knees in no time, and compel the entity to plead with international organizations to broker a ceasefire,” the Iranian MP opined.

He said Iran would not waste its time and military might on a military strike against Israel, but if Israel made the blunder of attacking the country, Iran would not accept any third party’s mediation and would forcefully respond.

The Zionists know that the power, speed, and accuracy of Iranian missiles are beyond their understanding of how to control these missiles,” Heidarpour added.

Due to Iran's anti-aircraft capabilities, Israeli missiles and fighter jets would have no chance to pose a threat to Iran, he noted.

He added that Israel’s military centers, including its air defense systems, would be completely destroyed on the very first day of the war, since they are the primary targets of Iranian missiles.

Afterwards, Iranian fighter jets would patrol the skies over Israel at leisure, he said.

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