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Arsalan Fathipour:

Iran has ability to easily bypass western sanctions

Service : Politic
Tehran, Aug 22, (ICANA) – Chairman of the parliament's Economic Commission Arsalan Fathipour stressed the country's ability to withstand the western pressures, and noted that Tehran has many options to bypass sanctions.
Wednesday, August 22, 2012 4:47:31 PM
Iran has ability to easily bypass western sanctions

"Our approaches and solutions for bypassing sanctions are various. We have relations with a number of other states and our relations still continue Fathipour said on Tuesday, adding that Tehran can use its ties with other world nations to skirt the western embargos.

He downplayed the effectiveness of the sanctions, and stated, "Our people feel no fear. They have gone through and survived problems much harder than sanctions, and they will, thus, go past these sanctions easily as well."

Meantime, the Lawmaker cautioned that the West's provocative moves have already pushed global oil prices up, and noted that the trend will continue in future if Tehran's foes continue with their present policies.

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