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Mehdi Davatgari:

Israel threatens Iran to escape regional pressures

Service : Politic
Tehran, Aug 24, (ICANA) – Member of Iran's Majlis Commission on National Security and Foreign Policy Mehdi Davatgari scoffs at Israel’s warmongering against the Islamic Republic, Tel Aviv poses such threats to save itself from regional pressures caused by recent developments in the Middle East.
Sunday, August 26, 2012 4:09:52 PM
Israel threatens Iran to escape regional pressures

“This regime (Israel) is currently in a weak position and is worried about the exchange of regional capacities among Muslim countries against itself and seeks to save itself from this predicament through threats,” Davatgari said on Thursday.

    He added that the Israeli regime and the US have been posing threats against Iran over the past three decades since the victory of the Islamic Revolution but such a tactic has failed given the country’s progress in various fields.

The Iranian lawmaker emphasized that the threats by the 'fabricated' Israeli regime against Iran show that Tel Aviv is approaching its annihilation.

He noted that threats have no impact on the Iranian nation and will strengthen their determination to safeguard and promote the ideals of the Islamic Revolution.

Davatgari said the Iranian nation has reinforced its unity and stressed that we would witness the collapse of the Israeli regime in the near future.

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