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Siamak Mareh-Sedq:

US-made anti-Islam film insults all divine religions

Service : Politic
Tehran, Sept 13, (ICANA) – Iranian lawmaker representing the country’s Jews in Iran parliament (Majlis) Siamak Mareh-Sedq has slammed the anti-Islam movie produced in the US which insults Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as an insult by Zionism to all divine religions.
Sunday, September 16, 2012 4:00:27 PM
US-made anti-Islam film insults all divine religions

“Imperialism and Zionism have insulted all the [divine] religions by doing this,” Mareh-Sedq said on Thursday.

“Like a strong fortress, all the divine religions stand against the influence of imperialism and Zionism and any act of sacrilege is an attack against all of them,” he added.

Mareh-Sedq pointed out that the blasphemous movie has infuriated the Muslim world and sparked hatred among the followers of other religions towards the US.

He noted that the representatives of Iranian religious minorities at the Majlis have convened an extraordinary meeting to discuss the recent anti-Islam scheme on Thursday, adding that the meeting issued a statement condemning the sacrilegious act which has hurt the religious sentiments of all monotheists of the world.

“The monotheists of the world should impose embargo against the producers of the movie and ban any interactions with them,” the Iranian Jewish lawmaker pointed out.

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