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Alaeddin Boroujerdi:

Iranian nation, gov't will never retreat nuclear stance

Service : Politic
Tehran, Oct 18, (ICANA) – Head of the Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission lauded the resistance of the Iranian nation against the bullying of global arrogance vis-à-vis Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy, and reiterated the importance of nuclear energy for Iran.
Sunday, October 21, 2012 4:42:07 PM
Iranian nation, gov't will never retreat nuclear stance

“Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic of Iran system will never withdraw in this regard (peaceful nuclear technology) under any circumstances, because this peaceful nuclear technology plays a determining role for the security and independence of the Islamic country,” Alaeddin Boroujerdi said on Thursday.

The senior lawmaker said that the capabilities of Iranian scientists and experts in the field of nuclear technology has astounded the foreigners.

“Different stages of nuclear technology processing such as uranium excavation, yellow cake production, injection and enrichments stages are done in Iran and by Iranian scientists,” he added.

Boroujerdi said that gaining access to peaceful nuclear technology is an exigency of the present time, stressing that nuclear energy is of special importance for the Iranian nation and also the Islamic system of Iran.

“At present, every aspect of peaceful nuclear technology is done inside the country (Iran) which is such a great honor for our system and people,” he noted.

The lawmaker reiterated that Iran’s fossil energy reserves will one day finish and it is of paramount importance to think of alternative energies for the future generations.

“Iran’s fossil energy and oil rigs will come to an end one day, hence we should think of alternative (for them) so that the future generations will not face problems for procurement of the country’s required energy,” Boroujerdi added.

In the meantime, he condemned the efforts by big powers to create problems for Iran's peaceful nuclear activities.

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