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Ahmad Bakhshayesh:

Syrian unrests, West's scenario to undermine Islamic Awakening

Service : Politic
Ardestan, Nov 7, (ICANA) – Member of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Ahmad Bakhshayesh says that creating unrest in Syria is a scenario of the Western governments to downgrade the impacts of the Islamic Awakening, said on Wednesday.
Sunday, November 11, 2012 4:49:22 PM
Syrian unrests, West's scenario to undermine Islamic Awakening

Bakhshayesh said that new plot of the West is meant to prevent the spread of the wave of Islamic awakening and weaken resistance fronts in the region.

He said that the West is seeking to prove the wave of the Islamic awakening as ineffective by showing the situation in Syria critical.

He further noted that such moves are originated from fear of strong Iran.

MP of Ardestan, Zavareh and Mahabad contended that there have been formed two fronts of resistance and compromise in the region and the countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait believe in cooperating with the US and the Zionist regime and others like Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq are in the front vis-a-vis the arrogant powers.

Certain Arab leaders in the region have become tools in the hands of arrogant powers and Israel to undermine the resistance movements, he said.

Bakhshayesh hoped that the Muslim countries and leaders of the neighboring states will help curb the unrest in Syria by avoiding interference and observing regional expediencies.

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