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Ali Larijani:

Iran supports democracy in Syria

Service : Politic
Beirut, Nov 24, (ICANA) – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani in a press conference here on Friday evening expressed his ideas on the most important regional developments.
Monday, November 26, 2012 4:56:53 PM
Iran supports democracy in Syria

Concerning possible attack of the Zionist regime against Iran, Larijani said they were defeated by the small area of Gaza, so how do they want to fight with Iran?

He said since the victory of Islamic revolution in Iran, we have always been helping Palestinians, adding that we do not give importance to political gestures or lectures and time for lobbying and giving lectures is over.

The speaker said Americans contacted several times with the Zionist regime premier Benjamin Netanyahu during the recent war and tried to console them, but in the last six decades, officials in Washington have done nothing for Palestinians.

Concerning Iran's stance on Lebanon domestic struggles, Larijani said that we have always supported national unity in Lebanon and in our view the Lebanese political leaders are wise enough to solve their own problems.

He called Gaza victory important and said that in a meeting with Palestinian groups, on behalf of my country I congratulated them and that we are honored to remain with resistance.

Concerning Iran stance on Syria, he said that everybody knows Iran's stance in this concern and we support revolutions in the region in direction of democratic developments.

Referring to Iran's support for revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain and Yemen, Larijani continued about Syria Iran also supported democratic reforms.

He underlined that no one can establish democracy with force and this behavior only leads to bloodshed.

The speaker said we support a political dialogue to settle the crisis and added that we are negotiating with some other countries and today (Friday) I discussed the issue with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

He underlined that those who are dispatching weapons to Syria are to hit the resistance in its struggle against the Zionist regime and said that interference of a number of countries and dispatching weapons for opposition groups of Syrian government is wrong and is cruelty to Syrian nation.

The senior Iranian MP, by referring to a number of disputes and differences between Iran and Turkey on Syrian issue, said that we are trying to settle these differences.

The Majlis speaker said that we are in contact with different sides in Syria and there is no limitation in this concern and in the recent gathering in Tehran we have invited conflicting groups to present their own views and in this direction and framework we are ready to solve the problem.

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