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Hossein Mozaffar:

Atomic Israel, serious threat to Middle East

Service : Politic
Tehran, Dec 2, (ICANA) - Iranian lawmaker Hossein Mozaffar says the Israeli regime which possesses atomic arsenals is a serious threat to the region.
Sunday, December 02, 2012 4:59:39 PM
Atomic Israel, serious threat to Middle East

“An occupying regime that possesses atomic arsenals and has never allowed the inspection of its [nuclear] facilities by the pertinent sources is today a big threat to the Middle East,” Mozaffar said on Sunday.

The US has always supported the Israeli regime which is breeding terrorists and exporting weapons of mass destruction, he added.

The Iranian legislator emphasized that the global arrogance cancelled the conference because it feared that Israel would possibly be introduced as an example regime that possesses weapons of mass destruction.

The global arrogance has always sought to put an obstacle in the way of conferences that are detrimental to the Israeli regime in order to distract the public attention from the Zionists’ measures, Mozaffar pointed out.

He criticized the silence of international organizations against the Israeli regime’s moves and said global bodies refrain from taking a stance in a timely fashion because they are a tool in the hands of Tel Aviv.

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