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Ahmad Amirabadi:

Iranian nation to gain more concessions from US

Service : Politic
Qom, Dec 10, (ICANA) – Majlis representative from Qom Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani said on Monday that the Iranian nation will gain more concessions from US thanks to resistance to the sanctions.
Monday, December 10, 2012 5:21:40 PM
Iranian nation to gain more concessions from US

He said that since the US failed to attain its sinister goals by the tough sanctions, the arrogant governments have no choice, except for giving up.

Adopting resistance economy is the only way to thwart the sanctions which has been emanated from hostility of the global arrogance, he said adding that self-sufficiency and resistance to sanctions help Iran get more concessions from US.

The global arrogance led by the US imposed economic sanctions on Iran immediately after triumph of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, but, could not attain its sinister goals as its wrong policies backfired, he said.

On US revision of the sanctions by issuing waivers to the western governments for oil purchases from Iran, he said that the current process of issuing waivers by Washington indicated faiulure of the sanctions.

He said that Iran's crude oil is of uniquely high quality and strategic for Iranian customers and for the same reason they have put pressure on US to issue waivers.

On Syria, he said that the enemies failed to achieve their goals in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, and that they have currently understood that to what extend Iran has been successful, so that they have no option except for withdrawing their wrong policies.

On Resumption of relations with the US, he said such matters are the main principles which must be endorsed by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution upon proposal from National Security Council.

He said that he believes that the White House seeks to resume negotiations with Iran to mislead the world public opinion.

"They want to imply that the Islamic Republic of Iran which was the flag-bearer of freedom and justice-seeking in the world has changed its path and has established relations with the US."

He said that if US and Iran hold negotiations, none of them grant the other party any concession but the US will misuse the process as a political ploy.

Many of those nations having direct and sincere relations with US have been driven to deep political, economic and cultural challenges, therefore, those who assume that re-establishing relations with US helps resolve economic difficulties are totally wrong, he said.

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