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Hossein Sheikholeslam:

Iran can help US to have decent pullout from Afghanistan

Service : Politic
Tehran, Jan 8, (ICANA) - Senior Advisor to the Iranian Parliament Speaker for International affairs Hossein Sheikholeslam on Tuesday expressed Tehran's readiness to help the US to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan honorably.
Tuesday, January 08, 2013 4:17:49 PM
Iran can help US to have decent pullout from Afghanistan

"We can help the US to have an honorable and low-cost withdrawal from Afghanistan," Sheikholeslam said on Tuesday.

"If Americans want to leave Afghanistan completely and their only excuse is that if they leave the country, Iran will expand its influence, we will assure them that such a thing won't happen," he added.

"We do not want other nations to pay the costs of rivalry and enmity between the Islamic Republic and the US and as we negotiated with the US on Iraq in the presence of the Iraqis, we are ready to pursue the same trend on Afghanistan," Sheikholeslam said.

Meantime, he underlined that Iran cannot tolerate the presence of the US forces and their bases in its neighborhood and wants their rapid pull-out.

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