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Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Mir-Mohammadi:

Ahmadinejad determined to implement 2nd phase subsidies

Service : Politic
Tehran, Jan 15, (ICANA) – Golpayegan and Khansar MP at Majlis here Monday referred to Isfahan Constituency MPs' meeting with President Mahmoud Ahmadineajd, noting his emphasis over implementing 2nd phase of subsidies plan and national consensus over is as its prerequisite.
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 4:13:07 PM
Ahmadinejad determined to implement 2nd phase subsidies

Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Mir-Mohammadi added, "At the meeting President Ahmadinejad presented explanations on implementing the 2nd phase of the Goal-Orientation of Subsidies Plan to the Parliament members."

He said, "The president meanwhile noted that for implementing the 2nd phase of the Goal-Orientation of Subsidies Plan side by side with the government the other forces, too, must spend efforts so that this phase, too, would be implemented perfectly."

The Golpayegan and Khansar constituency representative at the Islamic Parliament, Majlis, added, "Ahmadinejad emphasized at this session that if the 2nd phase of the Goal-Orientation of Subsidies Plan would not be implemented in proper time then the entire plan would not bear the expected fruits from it and it would on the contrary cost dearly for the people."

He reiterated, "The president said that keeping in mind that the 1st phase of the subsidies plan has been implemented in the country, it is now a direnecessity that everyone would unite hands to contribute to well implementation of its 2nd phase."

Member of Isfahan MPs' Assembly member meanwhile referred to the upcoming Wednesday presence of the president at the open session of the Islamic Parliament,adding, "Mr. Ahmadinejad reiterated that for elaborating on the ongoing economic status as well as achieving harmony and interaction with the Parliament he would come to Majlis and he would put forth various issues."

According to the representative of Golpayegan and Khansar at the Parliament the president emphasized at Monday session that if he presents a budget to the Parliament this budget is prepared based on the prevailing capacities and he does not expect the people's representatives to change it, asthat way the entire budget would be put under question.

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