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Alaeddin Boroujerdi:

There is no place for US, Zionist regime in Caspian Sea

Service : Politic
Sari, Jan 17, (ICANA) – Member of Parliament Alaeddin Boroujerdi said that there is no room for the US and the Zionist regime in the Caspian Sea.
Sunday, January 20, 2013 4:33:48 PM
There is no place for US, Zionist regime in Caspian Sea

He made the remark in his speech to a national conference on the Caspian Sea legal regime.

He said that despite the the US and the Zionist regime are longing for a room in the Caspian Sea region, they should know that there is no place for them in the region.

Boroujerdi said that one of Iran’s major goals calling for approval of a legal regime for the Caspian Sea was to stop formation of any security arrangements against Tehran.

He said that foiling the US attempts to be present in the Caspian Sea was one of Iran’s strategic objectives in the region, the materialization of which calls for expanding ties with other littoral states.

Referring to the ever-improving status of Iran in the region, the parliamentarian noted that Iran proved to be a major element in many regional and international developments.

He said one major achievement of Iran was to thwart the US attempts to stop Tehran achieving peaceful nuclear technology.

Highlighting Iranian capability to leave behind the current waves of sanctions, he said Iran is making achievements one after the other despite the country is suffering economic sanctions and international pressures.

He referred to the progress Iran has made in science and technology, noting that as the first country after the superpowers, the Islamic Republic of Iran has developed aerospace technology.

He said that during the annual celebrations of the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran to take place February 31-January 10 Iran will launch a home-made satellite carrying a monkey to the space.

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