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Ali Larijani:

US, western plan is disintegration of Islamic countries

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Tehran, Jan 29, (ICANA) – Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said here Monday at 26th International Islamic Unity Conference US and West have planned for disintegration of Islamic countries, adding, "Paper tiger of US and West is unveiled today.
Wednesday, January 30, 2013 4:19:18 PM
US, western plan is disintegration of Islamic countries

Larijani who was speaking at the closing ceremony of the Islamic gathering held at the Tehran International Summits Hall expressed hope that during the Islamic Unity Week the hearts of the world Muslims would get closer to one another and the entire Muslims would be benefitted from the heavenly breaths of the Messenger of Allah (P) and Imam Sadeq (P).

The Islamic Parliament, Majlis, Speaker added, "The Prophet (P) said, "So long as the members of my Ummah (Islamic nation) would love one another and be trustworthy they would live prestigiously and prosperously."

Larijani warned that there are plots in the way of achieving unity of the Islamic Ummah, reiterating, "In confrontation with the western world modernism the Muslims have experiences a number of approaches. One of them was the western oppression's effort aimed at making the Muslims believe that the way to achieve advancement was yielding to such ideologies as secularism."

He added, "The motto of those people was separation of religion from politics and negation of religion, but generally speaking in order to implement that scenario, the eastern and western colonialists replaced religion with nationalism."

He reminded the audience that the western scenario for blocking the path for the establishment of the United Islamic Ummah and segregation of the different sections of the Ummah, adding, "Today the Islamic world has regained conscience to some extent, but the United States is still pursuing the policy of sowing the seeds of discord among the Muslim nations."

The Islamic Parliament Speaker referring to the point that the religious mentality has found roots in some parts of the world today, reiterated, "In the course of the 33 Day War the (Lebanese) Hezbollah and in the course of the 22 Day and the 8 Day wars the path of Gaza developments was changed and the Zionist regime tasted the taste of defeat repeatedly."

He added, "Seyyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi was oneof the people who had found the root causes of the problems of the Islamic world in such issues as separation and discord among the Muslims and the influence of the western colonialists."

Larijani added, "In the Shi'a world the prominent clerics have generated good moves and for instance I can refer to the tobacco movement which bore fruit thanks to the efforts made, as well as the Iraqi Revolution, which achieved victory with the presence of Shi'a Alims of that country, and the Constitution Revolution inIran could achieve victory, but despite the entire efforts which I mentioned, to the pressure of the western colonialism was so much that they did not lead to Islamic Unity."

Larijani added, "After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, too, the region'scountries released themselves from the yoke of colonialism one after the other and put the crown of victory on their heads."

The Islamic Parliament Speaker noting that the late Imam Khomeini (P) had spoken on development and advancement along with observation of justice in a single theory, reiterated, "The late Imam (P) considered pivotal role for Islam and said that our movement is for Islam's sake."

Larijani added, "The Imam (P) from the very beginning set the foundation of unity among world Muslims and talked about this issue as the secret of the Muslims" living side by side of each other."

He reminded that today we are witnesses to the awakening of the Muslims and their victory in Islamic lands, adding, "The experience of the Iranian revolution against the various US and western plots provided the favorable conditions for the awakening of the Muslims in the other countries."

Larijani added, "Today the fake huge might of America is broken and the Islamic pole can rather than being and underhand power turn into a strong player at the global scene."

Larijani reiterated, "The Islamic countries have the technology and the required energy resources, as well as the will factor for unity of the Islamic countries around the axis of Islam that can make them more successful."

The Parliament Speaker added, "Those who create crisis in Syria today know that the theory of disintegration would come their way, as well. The West is not willing to permit the Islamic countries to get access to advanced technologies, just as the West is campaigning against the Iranian revolution and the other regional revolutions, and does not want to permit the Muslims to get united."

Larijani added, "Creation of engagements among religious sects, which a bunch of ignorant people have fallen preys in them are a part of the western plans for the Muslims and no that the Almighty Allah has granted awakening to some Islamic nations a group of people due to ignorance, or because of willing to serve the West, intend to create disputes among the Muslims."

He added, "The difference in the jurisprudences and the sciences of discourse of the different Islamic schools of thought, even if they do exist, are none of the business of the Muslim masses; the difference of opinion between two Muslim sects is not over the fundamental, it is over the issues of secondary importance."

Larijani said, "It is a pity that some people in the name of Islam accuse a large number of Muslims of disbelief and being pagans, and issue verdicts for murdering them,"

He added, "Both those who issue such verdicts and those who implement them serve the enemies of Islam."

The Islamic Parliament Speaker referred to the significance of holding the International Islamic Unity Conference, adding, "Such conferences must have practical results and the result of this one should be strengthening Islam."

Larijani referred to the freedom of the kidnapped Iranian pilgrims in Syria, saying, "During the course of the past months they took as hostage a number of Iranian pilgrims in Syria and the hostage takers used to tell them, "You are not Muslims; you do not have Qur'an; you do not perform Islamic prayers, either."

He added, "The hostages told the kidnappers, "Bring us Qur'an so that we would recite it for you" and then they recited the Glorious Qur'an so nicely and attractively that the hostage takers were highly touched.

Larijani added, "The hostage takers told the hostages, "We had been told that you fire worshippers (Majous); that you do not recite the Qur'an and do not perform the daily prayers."

The Parliament Speaker said, "This is we who make the history; in the course of the Muslims" straight forward movement our duty is harmonizing the Muslims" movement and harbingering their unity is our duty."

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