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Ali Larijani:

Current regional crises due to foreign interferences

Service : Politic
Tehran, Feb 21, (ICANA) – Islamic Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said here Wednesday current crises in our region are entirely due to foreign powersˈ interferences, adding that drastic developments in this most sensitive region call for greater cooperation among Islamic countries.
Sunday, February 24, 2013 3:56:28 PM
Current regional crises due to foreign interferences

Majlis Speaker made the comment late Wednesday evening in a meeting with visiting Head of Algerian Parliamentˈs Foreign Policy Commission Belkasim Belabbas and his accompanying delegation.

Larijani added, ˈThe Islamic Republic of Iran and Peopleˈs Democratic Republic of Algeria enjoy having a brotherly and close relation.ˈ

He said, ˈDespite the excellent political, parliamentary and international cooperation and the background of the two countriesˈ historical, cultural, and religious ties, the level of bilateral economic and business relations do not match the capabilities and potentials of both sides.ˈ

The Parliament Speaker further reiterated, ˈThe two countriesˈ economic and trade ties must be boosted after solving minute problems and obstacles.ˈ

The Parliament Speaker furthermore highlighted the importance of facilitating the process of banking cooperation and holding a joint economic cooperation commission as ways for solving such small problems.ˈ

Larijani referred to the ongoing Syrian crisis, adding, ˈKeeping I mid the status of Syria within the resistance axis, crisis making in that country through exporting weapons and terrorists to Syria only serves the interests of the usurper Zionist regime.ˈ

He said that sowing the seeds of discord within the Islamic world is among the strategic policies pursued by the world powers aimed at weakening the power of the world Muslims, adding, ˈA major part of the existing disputes inside the Islamic world are not natural, as they are fabricated by the oppressor world powers.ˈ

The Head of the Algerian Parliamentˈs Foreign Policy Commission Belkasim Belabbas, too, said in the meeting, ˈExpansion of the dimensions of friendly cooperation with Iran is one of the serious concerns of the Algerian leaders and political parties.ˈ

Belabbas said that Tehran and Algiers have vary close viewpoints over many international issues, adding, ˈFlickering the flames of disputes within the Islamic world is a very dangerous thing to do, as Islamic unity and solidarity is a dire need today.ˈ

He emphasized the need for the expansion of commercial ties and having broad economic relations between the two countries, adding, ˈThe potentials of the Iranian and the Algerian parliaments for boosting the bilateral economic ties and taking long strides in the two countriesˈ economic relations must be used.ˈ

The Algerian MP said that the two countriesˈ waypoints about the regional developments, including the Syrian crisis, are very close to each other.

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