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Broujerdi urges Arabs to be vigilant vis-a-vis US, Zionists plots in Syria

Service : Politic
Damascus, April 22, (ICANA) – Chairman of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Majlis Alaedin Broujerdi urged Arab countries to be vigilant vis-a-vis plots hatched by the US and Zionist regime in Syria.
Monday, April 22, 2013 4:24:47 PM
Broujerdi urges Arabs to be vigilant vis-a-vis US, Zionists plots in Syria

Broujerdi made the remarks during a press conference in Damascus on Monday.

He said that the Zionist regime is currently leading a war in Syria and without involving itself in direct clashes is collaborating with the US and its allies by encouraging civil war in Syria, arming terrorists, providing information for destroying infrastructures in sensitive places, assassinating elites and ulema and looting the nationˈs cultural heritage.

The Iranian parliamentarian further noted that certain neighboring countries of Syria which are encouraging civil war and massacre of the nation should realize that the crisis would spread to their own countries sooner or later, adding that their behavior will be recorded in the nation’s mind and history forever.

Slamming the US false claims of supporting human rights and fighting terrorism, he said Washington’s performance has lost many lives in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Palestine.

He said the US government has in practice proved that it is working to spread terrorism worldwide and thus has caused universal hatred.

He said Iran believes that opening of a new front via Jordan is a proof to the failure of the policies of the US and its allies in the region in the past couple of years.

Broujerdi expressed confidence that the new front too will collapse soon.

He believed the best option for Syria was to see President Bashar al-Assad in power till 2014 when the Syrian nation would be able to determine its destiny through a free presidential election.

Stressing Iran’s support for the political plan proposed by President al-Assad, he said Tehran believed that national dialogue and understanding among all social groups is the only way out of present crisis in Syria.

He said the present security situation in Syria is improving.

The MP reiterated that Iran felt responsibility to support the resistance front to consolidate anti-Zionist frontline.

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