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Kazzem Jalali:

Western powers' practicing of racism in science, unacceptable

Service : Politic
Tehran, April 23, (ICANA) – Head of the Parliament's Research Center Kazzem Jalali hailed Iran's astonishing progress in science and technology, and lashed out at the western states for exercising scientific apartheid against the other world nations.
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 5:28:11 PM
Western powers' practicing of racism in science, unacceptable

"Today Iran has made remarkable efforts in producing science and industrial progress and has taken important steps in the fields of stem cells, biotechnology, nanotechnology, nuclear and steel industries," Iranian legislator and Jalali said in a meeting with Head of China's Institute for Contemporary International Relations (CICIR) Ji Zhiye in Tehran.

He underlined Iran's readiness to provide other countries with its scientific achievements, and said, "There should be no scientific apartheid in the world and in using human scientific achievements since all the world nations should be able to use the knowledge and power that God has gifted to them for ruling their countries and helping humanity."

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