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Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabifard:

APA should take action against terrorism

Service : Politic
Tehran, May 6, (ICANA) – First Deputy-Speaker of the Iranian Parliament Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabifard condemned terrorist attacks in Asian countries, especially in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria, and called on the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) to find proper ways to combat terrorism.
Monday, May 06, 2013 5:00:00 PM
APA should take action against terrorism

Addressing the APA executive council meeting here in Tehran on Monday, Aboutorabi-Fard stressed that the APA as a key parliamentary body can play a key role in decision and policy-makings for improving health and environment, promoting peace and security, fighting poverty and corruption and fostering economic and social cooperation and convergence among Asian states.

He pointed to terrorism in Asia, and stated, "Terrorist operations which have resulted in the merciless massacre of the followers of different Islamic faiths, specially Sunnis and Shiites, are strongly condemned."

"Terrorism is taking victims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Syria every day and kills many women and children and, thus, the Asian parliamentary assembly should find a solution to this problem," he added.

The Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) was born in 2006 at the Seventh Session of the Association of Asian Parliamentary for Peace (AAPP). In other words, the APA is continuation of an organization which was established in 1999. The APA comprises, in 2007, of 41 Member Parliaments and 17 observers.

Each Member Parliament has a specific number of seats in the Assembly based on the size of their population. The number of total seats, and therefore, number of votes, is currently 206. Members of Assembly must be elected by members of the Member Parliaments. The APA Charter and Tehran Declaration lay out a framework of cooperation among Asian countries, and point out to a vision; that is Asian Integration.

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