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Ali Larijani:

US admits failure of warmongering policy on Syria

Service : Politic
Tehran, May 14, (ICANA) – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says that US officials are now calling for a political solution to the crisis in Syria after they lost their operational power in the country.
Tuesday, May 14, 2013 4:16:30 PM
US admits failure of warmongering policy on Syria

Addressing an open session of the parliament here in Tehran on Tuesday, Larijani pointed to the recent remarks by senior US officials about the necessity of finding a solution to the ongoing crisis in Syria through political means, and blamed the policies of the US and its allies for the continued violence in the Arab country.

"They declared this stance (political solution) after two years of warmongering policies and killing of tens of thousands of people and after they realized that they have lost their operational power (in Syria)," Larijani added.

He added that Iran has always opposed warmongering strategies in Syria and insisted on political solutions to the crisis.

"Who is responsible for this savage massacre in Syria in which people are being killed by the western weapons," Larijani asked.

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