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Nasser Soudani:

Syrian terrorists promoting Iranophobia to conceal own crimes

Service : Politic
Tehran, June 10, (ICANA) – Vice-Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's Energy Commission Nasser Soudani says that terrorists and rebel groups accuse Iran and Hezbollah of interference in Syrian developments in a bid "to promote Iranophobia" to divert public attention from their own crimes in that country.
Tuesday, June 11, 2013 4:50:29 PM
Syrian terrorists promoting Iranophobia to conceal own crimes

"The allegations about the meddling of Iran and Hezbollah in Syrian developments are the enemies' excuse for covering up their defeat," Soudani said a said Monday in reaction to the recent claims made by the Head of the Syrian Dissidents National Coalition, George Sabra, about Iran and Hezbollah's interference in Syria.

He said the terrorists are trying to project the blame on Iran and Hezbollah to conceal the destructive and main role of the western and certain retroactive regional states in Syria

"The head of the Syrian Dissidents National Coalition should be asked whether the French and British governments' aid and contributions to the Syrian dissidents are considered interference in the internal affairs of Damascus, or not," he asked.

"Today, some 26 months after the start of the crisis in Syria everyone clearly knows that the Syrian nation is not confronting that country's government and the oppressed people of that country are actually combating the Takfiri terrorists (Bigot maniacs who consider all but themselves as disbelievers) who do not believe in any faith, or religion."

"The human beings who dig out the heart of a Syrian soldier and tear it apart with their teeth and feel no mercy for innocent women and children are definitely not Syrian, rather they are terrorists who have come from Europe and their masters should be asked who has permitted them to massacre the innocent Syrian nation," the lawmaker concluded.

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