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Mogherini comes to Iran / Europe Union separated its way from America's way

Service : Politic
Head of foreign relations committee in National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran said: in current situation, European Union doesn’t matter its wrong policies about Iran and doesn’t want to repeat them anymore; the American policies don’t authorize on Europe! So this international organization has found a new route to Iran; an independent route and far from the U.S strategies.
Monday, February 08, 2016 2:39:40 PM
Mogherini comes to Iran / Europe Union separated its way from America's way

Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency - "the position of Islamic Republic of Iran is very valuable in the current situation and our enemies in the recent 37 years have done their best to damage to the system, but they haven’t reached any result in this field" said Vahid Ahmadi referring to the coming trip of Federica Mogerini – responsible of foreign policy of the European Union - to Iran.

Representative of Kangavar, Sahne and Harsin in Parliament, said on behalf of other fields, expanding of Iran influence field in the Middle East and the international arena as well as detailed policy and strategy of the Islamic Republic that has led the West, seeks to increase and strengthen its ties with Iran.


News story Translated By Behrooz Haj Davani (manager of foreign department in Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency)

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